Licenciados translates to “attorney” in Spanish. These cigars were created to celebrate a particularly special time in the cigar industry, the time before the big boom when cigars were made for the passionate and not the fad.
The Licenciados brand was created through collaboration between Oscar Boruchin, owner of Mike’s Cigars, and Manuel Quesada, founder of Quesada Cigars. Oscar came up with the name and brand concept whilst Manuel was in charge of production.
Oscar was inspired by the Cuban brand Diplomáticos, still in production today, and Macanudo’s, an American favorite, blend. Oscar wanted to register the brand but found it difficult to do so and instead, he decided to mimic the cigars design.
Diplomáticos and Licenciados have the same color scheme, gold and red, and logo which feature a red carriage. Diplomáticos were inspired by another cigar, Montecristo, they copied several elements of the Montecristo brand including size and color scheme.
The blends between Diplomáticos and Licenciados are vastly different. Diplomáticos are a classic medium to full-bodied Cuban cigar, their tobacco is sourced from the Vuelta Abajo region, and Licenciados cigars are smooth and mild. Licenciados use Dominican tobacco for its filler and a blonde Connecticut shade wrapper.
Oscar explained that at the time Licenciados was launched, in 1989, the market favored mild cigars and he decided to cater to that taste. Manuel Quesada mastered the blend in his MATASA factory, now known as the Quesada factory, rolled by the same torcedors who made Romeo y Julieta and Casa Blanca cigars.
Licenciados quickly drew a large following. In 1994, Cigar Aficionado gave the cigar a 93 rating, making it the first non-Cuban to receive a rating above 90. Top 25 Cigars has rated several lines of Licenciados with high marks.
The Licenciados brand is exclusively distributed by Mike’s Cigars. These light-bodied, creamy, smooth premium handmade cigars are sure to enhance every cigar connoisseur’s humidor.
Take a step back in time and experience the notes and strength that dominated the late 80’s in the cigar industry. Discover the inspiration behind it all for yourself by enjoying a Licenciados cigar.

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