How to Buy Non-Cuban Cigars

If you are looking for tips on how to buy non-Cuban cigars, keep reading below. Non-Cuban cigars taste different from Cuban cigars because the tobacco is grown in unique soil from other countries. Each country’s soil tends to change the tobacco flavor and strength due to the environment’s varying temperatures, moisture levels, alkalinity, and acidity.

Learn More About How to Buy Non-Cuban Cigars

Many consider Cuban cigars to be the best-tasting cigars in the world, BUT NOTHING COULD BE FARTHER FROM THE TRUTH! Unfortunately, it is illegal for Americans to trade Cuban cigars because of the American trade embargo against buying or receiving Cuban imports. Therefore, Cubans have trade restrictions when dealing with U.S. Citizens and U.S. residents within the US. This is why it is important to know how to buy non-Cuban cigars.

It’s really great that is offering a selection of cigars from Nicaragua, Ecuador, and Honduras. Cigar enthusiasts will likely appreciate the opportunity to explore these brands and enjoy both the quality and pricing they offer.

how to buy non-cuban cigarsNicaragua, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic and Honduras have indeed gained utmost recognition worldwide for producing high-quality cigars in recent years. While Cuban cigars have a storied reputation, these countries have made significant strides in the tobacco industry. Many master blenders from Cuba have ventured into these regions to create exceptional cigar brands, often at more affordable prices, which has contributed to their growing popularity among cigar enthusiasts. It’s a testament to the global diversity and excellence in cigar production.

Top 4 Non-Cuban Cigars

Below are top four non-Cuban cigars serving as suitable alternatives to traditional Cuban cigars. You should review these examples before learning how to buy non-Cuban cigars.

  • E.P. Carillo Pledge Prequel Cigars (from Dominican Republic)
  • Oliva Serie V. Churchill Extra (from Nicaragua)
  • Arturo Fuente Natural Exquistos (Dominican Republic)
  • Joya De Nicaragua Antano Connecticut Robusto (from Nicaragua)

Non-Cuban cigars offer varying strength levels, such as mild, medium, and full. So, if you want to experience similar strength levels as Cuban cigars, you can capture the same powerful and intense strength from these non-Cuban cigars.

How to Buy Non-Cuban Cigars

tips how to buy non-cuban cigarsYou can shop on our for many flavorful non-Cuban cigars with robust, unique tastes. We offer cigars with tobacco grown in South American, Caribbean, and Central American countries, such as Mexico, Nicaragua, Honduras, the Dominican Republic, Brazil, and Ecuador. Their hot, moist, tropical climates create the perfect conditions for growing tobacco plants with tasty leaves for smoking. We are having one of the widest collections of NON CUBAN cigars i.e. almost 4,000 different SKUs from almost 200 prominent manufacturers.

We make it easy to buy them online. Here are the basic steps involved in purchasing non-Cuban cigars through our website:

  1. Visit the American Cigars Online website and click the “Shop Now” button.
  2. Start browsing through the various categories and brands of cigars available. The different cigar options come from more than 100 major manufacturers in the Americas. Some renowned brands featured include 20 Acre Farm by Drew Estate, Oliva, My Father Cigars, Larranaga, LA Gloria Cubana, Room 101 Cigars, Hoyo De Monterrey, and Gurkha.
  3. First, click on the category brand, and then choose the type of cigars listed on the brand product page. From there, you will see a list of cigar products and the price listed underneath it. Click on the product that interests you to visit its product page.
  4. Click the “Add to Cart” button to add the product to your online shopping cart. Continue shopping for other products the same way until you are done.
  5. Click “View Cart” to visit the checkout page to review the products you want to order. If everything looks good, proceed to the checkout page, and submit your payment information to complete your purchase.