A good premium cigar, like those offered by the 898 Collection, is like a fine wine. The sommelier praises or condemns a vintage based on heritage, provenance, novelty or excellence in its creation; but a majority of the verdict hinders on the particular sommelier’s subjective experience with that vintage. So to do the cognoscenti in the world of premium cigars render judgment largely based on their preferred flavor experiences, which tend toward a fuller, bolder smoke.
Mike’s Cigars has proudly partnered with the eminent General Cigar Company to create the 898 Collection, which is tailor made to transcend trends and defy the judgments of experts and self-titled connoisseurs for the sake of one simple mission: to bring to aficionados everywhere a smooth, expertly crafted, milder smoke.
This mission even influenced the naming of the collection itself. This collection was not meant to be a celebration of a patriarch. Nor was it intended to harken to the days of Old Havana. Because the 898 Collection was created to celebrate all aficionados who enjoy a milder smoke, the collection was not to distract from the mission for a milder flavor profile with pompous names or garish boxes. As such, the first offerings in the 898 Collection were packaged in sets of 25 in the traditional 8, then 9, then 8 layered cigar packaging, and this is what inspired the simple name that embodies the core of what the collection stands for.
The 898 Collection is unabashedly bold in its mission. Rich with pride in its classically smooth, milder offerings. More importantly, ready to serve as the perfect companion for any aficionado to indulge in, whether it be in celebration, contemplation, or relaxation. Be Bold. Be Unafraid. Experience Mild with the 898 Collection.

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