Aging Room Rare Collection Cigars are a once-in-a-generation smoke created from the dreams of two of the world’s finest tobacconists. From the genius minds of the famed Rafael Nodal and AJ Fernandez, Aging Room Rare Collection represents two artists at the pinnacle of their ability. Built exclusively from a selection of the rarest, most well-aged Nicaraguan tobacco on the entire planet, each one delivers on a promise of a stunning, full-bodied smoke. The Rare Collection has a lot to live up to, as the previous collaboration by its creators delivered the sublime Aging Room Quattro Nicaragua; voted cigar of the year 2019! Somehow the Rare Collection mages to top it in every way, unleashing its complex yet balanced flavors to create a smoke of unparalleled caliber. Available in three vitolas, the Rare Collection will astound even the most seasoned aficionado.


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