Ashton VSG Cigars are a luxurious achievement of the highest order, managing to combine carefully aged fillers with a rare remarkable wrapper. Ashton has long been the pinnacle of luxury in the cigar world, and the VSG only heightens that reputation.

Its flavor profile comes from its wonderful Ecuadorian sun-grown wrapper, taken from the tobacco plant’s highest priming after spending countless years in direct sunlight to bring out new notes. Any smoker can tell you how unique sun-grown tobacco tastes. The VSG is no different, as the combination of sun-grown technique and aged tobacco leaves results in a full-bodied cigar.

Its wrapper encases a great blend of fillers from the Dominican Republic that have been aged for over five years to ripen every leaf. All of it was supervised by the legend himself, Carlos Fuente jr. Receiving a 94-point rating from Cigar Aficionado, smokers can expect the royal taste of dark chocolate, black cherry, and ground pepper.

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