Everyone seeks asylum, the difference is where, how or in what.
Edgy and “out-there” the Asylum 13 Corojo series are the result of experimentation from the darkest corners of the mind of Christian Eiroa, the founder of the Camacho brand of cigars. Varying from the original Asylum 13, a Nicaraguan Puro, the Corojo calls Honduras home, having grown in Eiroa’s family farm in Honduras.

Skillfully formed Asylum’s Tabacos Rancho Jamastran factory in Honduras, featuring some incredibly well-aged Honduran tobaccos, and featuring a flawlessly-decadent chocolate-brown Corojo wrapper, the Asylum 13 Corojo is a Honduran Puro that produces robust flavors of earth, espresso, and cedar with a silky sweet finish and a hint of citrus.
Hints of cocoa and spice erupt throughout this bold cigar with earthy tones, espresso bean, black tobacco and subtle sweet/spicy notes making their way to the top as you make your way through the stick. This cigar gives you a slow, cool burn with long ashes and would be a great addition to your cigar collection.
Asylum 13 – going crazy doesn’t have to be a bad thing.

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