Bringing the love of darkness into the light, Asylum Nyctophilia Cigars are the darkest Maduro cigars ever to hit the market. While many have dreamed of an all Maduro cigar before, it took the visionaries at Asylum to place a Maduro long filler in a Maduro binder and wrap it in a dark and oily Maduro leaf.
Dark and dangerous, the midnight-black San Andres Maduro wrapper conceals the spicy Nicaraguan Maduro long filler and binder within, creating a masterpiece that is bursting with character and flavor. This potent medium-to-full-bodied premium cigar is handmade in Christian Eiroa’s factory in El Aladino, home to the highly touted CLE Cigar Company.
Nyctophilia is defined as a “lover of the darkness or the night”. Characterized as a very slow burning cigar with impeccable construction, this perfectly balanced cigar is surprisingly smooth for a cigar that has been described as “almost too much cigar” for the average smoker. As with all Asylum cigars, the Nyctophilia has layers of flavors that requires a complete smoke to truly experience. As you smoke the cigar you will find tasty notes of spicy black pepper, fruit, earth, dark roast coffee, cocoa, and cedar, a truly luxurious smoking experience.
This cigar is not for the novice or faint of heart, but serious and experienced smokers will appreciate the first ever triple-maduro cigar. Nyctophilia, because some love it dark.

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