Avo Cigars, like great jazz, are about the experience of each individual moment. Managing to find new ways to mine joy out of those moments every time.

Avo Cigars are named after their creator, the visionary Avo Uvezian. Avo was a talented Armenian jazz pianist. Much like their founder, Avo cigars hold a commitment to harmony. These well-balanced luxury cigars draw in a plethora of appeal from aficionados across the world.

Avo’s piano skills brought him all over the world. As a young man, he played for the Shah of Iran with his group the Lebanon boys. In 1947, Avo came to the United States to practice music at the distinguished Julliard School of Music. Avo also composed music and most notably wrote “Broken Guitar” which was the original version of Frank Sinatra’s “Strangers in the Night”.

A falling out with the music industry regarding being given credit for his work soured Avo into the American music industry. Avo lived a prolific jazz career in the states during the 50’s and 60’s then left for Puerto Rico. On the island, he made a living performing at the Palmas Del Mar Resort.

While he enjoyed a more peaceful music industry scene he also developed his second life passion for cigars. After his performances, he would give guests cigars he had rolled himself.

These cigars quickly drew in a lot of demand. Inspired by his young daughter, who suggested Avo should charge for his handmade premium cigars, Avo decided to expand his cigar career.

Avo traveled to the Dominican Republic to find a manufacturer for his brand. He tried various samples from different possible producers and decided on Hendrik “Henke” Kelner’s blend in 1982. Kelner is respected as one of the most knowledgeable tobacco gurus to ever roll a cigar. Kelner takes extensive care of watching over every aspect of the craft, making sure each leaf in each cigar is of the best quality.

The original cigar blend, known as the Avo Classic, features Dominican long filler tobacco in a silky Connecticut Shade wrapper. By 1988, Avo cigars began selling in stores and they started off exceptionally well. Perhaps because Avo guaranteed his cigars would get the highest quality leaves by paying Kelner more than the originally agreed upon price.

In 1995, Zino Davidoff, owner of a Swiss tobacco goods company with a worldwide following, bought Avo Cigars. Avo became a millionaire because of the sale. Avo stayed in the cigar scene, making appearances and sharing his passions with other aficionados.

Avo Cigars were and still are highly sought after smokes. In 2015, four boxes of Avo XO were stolen from the Davidoff store in Manhattan, totaling over $1,000 in lost merchandise.

In 2016, the Avo Syncro Nicaragua Toro was awarded an impressive 93 point rating from Cigar Afionado. The first Avo cigar to use Nicaraguan tobacco, reviewers were wowed by the synergy in the stick’s medium bodied profile. Noting the distinct taste of leather, minerals, and sweet dried apricots.

The critics loved it so much that the Avo Syncro Nicaragua Toro made Cigar Aficionados Top 25 for 2016! Reaching the number sixteen spot, critics noted the inherent symphonic nature of its blend. Completely in awe of its hybrid tobacco that somehow blended perfectly.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Avo’s critical acclaim. From Avo Xo Cigars to Avo Heritage, there’s a multitude of blends that have received practically near flawless praise. Avo Heritage in particular has consistently earned a high rating from the experts at Cigar Aficionado.

One of its 90 rated vitolas, the Avo Heritage Churchill, was described as medium to full bodied. Starting slow but even, it transcends into a woody, leathery, peppery profile. Ending with a ravishing note of apple sweetness.

The latest blend, as of time of writing in 2023, continues the legacy of inspired and musical smokes. The Avo Syncro Caribe packs in all the sun kissed tastes of the tropics. All while offering an innovation that would make Uvezian proud.

The Syncro Caribe uses a process called natural distribution to set its sticks apart from the competition. The essential idea of it is that each of the harvested tobacco leaves are matched up during the blending process. Each leaf is specifically matched to the size it will be rolled into.

The result is complete and utter harmony in a cigar. Managing to build each flavor off the other simultaneously. Like a conductor playing the orchestra, Avo cigars have always managed to blend their tobacco with an artist’s flair. Smokers should expect no less from a brand created by a jazz pianist.

The brand carries a certain charisma, which can be attributed to Avo’s likable personality. Avo’s had a classy clean cut style, often dressed in a recognizable white suit and wide brim hat, and it transferred into the high-class smokes he created.

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