Baccarat a game of chance, a game of class, played around the world, and is famously the favorite game of Ian Fleming’s debonair character, James Bond. Like its namesake, Baccarat Cigar exude a confidence and sophistication enough to make 007 himself envious, at a value that gives aficionados the world over a great smoke they can be proud to grace their humidors.
Created by Carl Upmann, brother of Hermann Dietrich Upmann the founder of H. Upmann Cigars, Baccarat Cigars quickly became world renowned for being a mild, smooth smoke that is perfect for gentlemen making their first introductions to the world of premium cigars, as well as seasoned aficionados who want a smoother smoking experience for a day out on the course.
In 2008, after having been in the care of the eminent Eiroa family for decades, Baccarat Cigars joined the Oettinger Davidoff Group family of brands, crafted by the experts behind Davidoff Cigars.
Offerings come in a variety of wrappers and various vitolas, but always promise the Baccarat signature mild flavor profile, with almost all of the offerings being finished off with a cap sealed and sweetened through a specialized technique using Indian gum.
Whether you try your hand with a Baccarat Belicoso, a Baccarat Churchill, or the ever popular Baccarat Rothschild, you are sure to win with a smoke as smooth as an international spy, with the class and consistency of a Davidoff Cigar, all at an exceptional value. Any aficionado can be proud to add a few Baccarat Cigars to their humidors.


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