The Rocha Company introduced the Bolivar brand in Havana, in 1901. In the late Fifties, Ramon Cifuentes, the cigar master of Partagas, started the revival of the Bolivar Brand and after the revolution, when he fled from Castro and started working with The General Cigar Corp. in the USA, the company applied for the US trademark rights to Bolivar. Eventually, the rights to produce several of Cifuentes famous brands, among them Partagas and Bolivar, were granted and today Bolivar is being made by General in their Dominican Republic manufacturing division.
Bolivar has all the body and character of a complex Nicaraguan-Dominican blended stogie. A rich, flavorful Havano Medio Tiempo binder and a superbly aged San Augusin Ligero wrapper join to complete a well balanced cigar that is full of taste but not overpowering like some of the new “high octane” contenders coming to the market in recent years. Bold, yet noble, Bolivar is an ideal cigar to set the tone for relaxing evening of pleasure, whether in the company of good friends or in a world of your own.

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