Launched in 2003 the CAO Mx2 Cigar took the world by storm. Part of CAO’s venerated X-Series of cigars, the MX2 is a Maduro that makes other Maduro smokes cry with envy. Packed with power and flavor, this Maduro smoke utilizes 2 different Maduro leaves to take the world of Maduro Cigars to levels previously unthought of.
By combining an almost-black, perfectly aged, super dark and oily Connecticut Broadleaf Maduro, with a flavor packed Brazilian Maduro inner wrapper, the Mx2 Cigar offers a smoking experience that no other cigar can match. Coupled with a blend of tobaccos carefully cultivated from 4 different countries, rich and spicy Nicaraguan and Honduran tobaccos coupled with softer and sweeter Dominican and Peruvian leaves. The result is a super layered smoke that produces a level of complexity with a variety of spice and sweetness that keeps you on your toes al the way through the smoke.
If you are a Maduro fan, the Mx2 is a MUST have, and one that you will always want to have in your humidor.

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