Casa Magna loosely translates to “great house”. Magna means great in Latin and Casa means House in Spanish. How amazing this cigar truly is was once put up for debate. Overall, the fact it is a great value premium cigar could not be denied.
Collaboration between two cigar hall-of-fame members, Nestor Plasencia and Manuel Quesada, created Casa Magna cigars. Both men come from families that have been growing and working in the tobacco industry since the 1800’s. These families have mastered the art of cigars and are known for the impeccable quality of their tobaccos.
Nestor and Manuel are Cuban immigrants who left Cuba because of the Cuban Revolution and the subsequent nationalization of its tobacco industry in 1962. Both of their family continued to work in the tobacco industry after fleeing the communist regime. The Plasencia family has fields in Nicaragua and Honduras. The Quesadas became established in the Dominican Republic.
Nestor is recognized as one of the biggest names in the Nicaraguan tobacco industry. Several leading brands work with him including Rocky Patel and Villiger. The Plasencia crops have come a long way since being wiped out in the Sandinista revolution of 1979. The silver lining to that adversity is it brought the Plasencia tobacco operation to Honduras.
Manuel Quesada and his father, Manuel Quesada Sr., built their empire, once known as MASATA, around their skillful replication of Cuban cigars using non-Cuban tobaccos. Their business focuses on the importance of family and was renamed Quesada to highlight that philosophy.
Casa Magna was launched in 2008. The cigars are Nicaraguan Puros. The blend uses Cuban-seed tobacco grown in the two most popular tobacco regions of Nicaragua, those being Estelí and Jalapa. The tobacco from these two regions provides different taste profiles and when they are layered together the result is irresistible.
Throughout the years the line has expanded to include a Honduran Puro line known as Casa Magna Oscuro. The Casa Magna Jalapa features the original Nicaraguan blend with a Jalapa Claro wrapper. The Casa Magna line up is perfect for aficionados who prefer bolder and full-bodied cigars.
The tasters at Cigar Aficionado loved the Nicaraguan blend. After factoring in the affordable cost, they decided to name Casa Magna Colorado Robusto the cigar of the year in 2008.
This decision brought on controversy; several connoisseurs believed that taste alone should determine the best cigar and that price should not have been factored in the decision. Some believed the title belonged should have gone to more established brands instead of the newcomer.
Despite the clash, it was agreed that the cigars are extremely palatable. So maybe Cigar Aficionado was right all along. After the rating incident, Casa Magna cigars received various stellar ratings from cigar publications including several that highlighted its favorable price point.
Casa Magna cigars represent the hard work and dedication expelled by two renowned cigar families who have perfected the craft. The heritage, consideration, and quality of tobacco in these cigars warrant a higher price tag but fortunately, they are available at a budget-friendly price here at Mike’s Cigars.

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