Charter Oak Cigars were designed to evoke that universal feeling of coming home. The feeling that you’re exactly where you belong. Brand Founder founder Nick Melillo knows the value of your home. That is why each of the brand’s cigars features tobacco grown in his home state’s Connecticut River Valley.

Charter Oak is named after the tree Native Americans would use as a marker to congregate and smoke tobacco. That feeling of belonging to something inspired Nick, and he strives to incorporate it into his cigars. That sensation of brotherhood and fraternity is apparent in all of his smokes. Not just Charter Oak, but all Tabernacle cigars.

Nick Melillo clearly knows how special tobacco can be in forming relationships. He’s spent the past twenty years mastering the art of blending tobacco. All the while enjoying the rich pleasures that cigars have to offer. That experience lead him to become a master blender and start his own label.

It’s no easy feat to become a master blender. Melillo had to devote years to understanding every single nuance of premium tobacco. As the brand founder, he keeps a close watch over every step of tobacco production. Only someone who enjoys cigars themselves can make a product this good.

In his endeavor to create artisanal cigars, Melillo has created relationships with some of the best tobacco farmers around the world. The goal was to find like minded cigar lovers. People who want to create artisanal smoking experiences.

The result was an entire brand created by and for cigar smokers. The Foundation Cigar company is founded on the principle of consumer first thinking. The tobacco used in every blend is personally inspected to ensure quality. Nothing less than absolute premium quality is accepted for any part of the cigar.

A stick from every batch of handmade cigars is smoked to ensure three things. Flavor, combustion, and aroma. Each cigar must pass the rigorous stands of a true aficionado to make the cut. That personal touch is what defines Charter Oak Cigars.

That legacy lives on in every one of their sticks, built using rich tobacco from the Jalapa and Estelí regions of Nicaragua. In addition to its Connecticut luscious filler. Available in both Maduro and Connecticut varieties. With possibly many more to come.

Charter Oaks has already earned an impressive 93 point rating from Cigar Aficionado for one of its blends. An amazing feat for such a new brand.

The cigar itself was the Charter Oak Connecticut Shade Rothschild. The reviewer noted that it starts with woody and herbal aromas. Which leads to the delightful taste of vanilla, caraway seeds, and sweet vanilla. All are available at an easily attainable price.

In fact. Charter Oak Connecticut Broadleaf was awarded the best the number one best value cigar by Cigar Aficionado. Another unprecedented victory for such a new brand. As well as a victory for any smoker who wants an affordable premium smoke.

Currently, the brand encompasses multiple unique varieties. Including Charter Oak Connecticut and the Charter Oak Maduro. The Connecticut shade has been a consistent critical smash hit. Scoring repeated high marks from reviewers.

Including the 93 point rating that helped put Foundation on the map. While the Maduro shade hasn’t yet received the high praise of its counterpart, it is only a matter of time. Anyone who tries it will sing the praises of its balanced profile.

With blends like Charter Oak, it’s no wonder that Foundation is one of the rising stars of the entire tobacco world. Housing an eclectic selection that has already one award for its cultured approach to blending. One taste and you’ll see why they’re on the rise. With no signs of stopping any time soon.

Charter Oaks is just further proof of their undying commitment to great smokes.


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