Chevere cigarillos small and little cigars are produced in Ireland under a secret family tradition carried over from generation to generation. These little European cigars are well known as a miniature delicacy all over the world.
The wrapper leaves are the best quality tobacco from Sumatra and Brazil. The choice filler tobaccos are graded and conditioned with Irish pure spring water, and the quality is top notch to the highest standards. These little wonders won’t take much of your time, and money. They were created specifically to help you maintain a good reserve of both.

In a review of small cigars on, Gary Manelski wrote: The sample box of Chevere cigars made in Ireland included six little cigars that were not individually packaged. The cigars came in three different sizes, with two samples of each size, and are open on both ends, so no cigar cutter is needed. The cigars measured 3¼”, 4″ and 4¼” long with ring gauges ranging from 23 to 37. The smallest cigar took only five minutes to smoke while the largest took 25 minutes. The four-inch cigar took me just under 15 minutes to smoke down to 1½ inch remaining. All the cigars had the same flavors, but the smallest size was the most intense. The flavor was spicy and peppery, like the initial blast of pepper and spice in some large cigars, but it did not have a chance to mellow out nor develop, since the cigar was finished almost as fast as it started. I rate these Chevere little cigars 2 to 2½ stars, but the largest size was the best of the three.


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