Christian Luis Eiroa, founder of Camacho Cigars (now owned by Davidoff), continues to make waves with the CLE Prieto line of Cigars. Eiroa launched CLE in 2012 to continue his impact on the Cigar world, and with the Prieto he has another hit on his hands.
Prieto, slang for “Dark”, is a departure from the Honduran tobacco that made Eiroa famous, this cigar features some incredible Nicaraguan filler wrapped in a Maduro Wrapper. Beautifully wrapped in a dark Maduro Connecticut wrapper, the boxpressed cigars have a look of mystique that compliments the warm coffee, earth, chocolate and a hint of pepper. The CLE small batch character dictated that future harvests will be vintage dated, or, as Eiroa puts it: “Tobacco changes every year, just like wine changes every year. I’m going to use the same varieties, but the cigars could vary, because it’s a different batch”.

The CLE Prieto received an outstanding 92-rating from Cigar Aficionado magazine in the February 2017 issue!

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