The tradition of the Cuban Sandwich Cigar is celebrated across several respected cigarmakers, including Drew Estate and Arturo Fuente, and spans nearly as far back as the history of the cigar itself. A Cuban Sandwich Cigar is a type of mixed-filler cigar that earns its name from its method of construction.
Each cigar begins with a blend of short to medium filler tobacco leaves, or leaves which do not span the entire length of the cigar. This blend is then rolled, or “sandwiched,” by hand inside rich, long filler leaves, and finished with the binder and wrapper leaves.

For generations, mixed-filler cigars were used merely as a method of ridding a cigarmaker of tobacco trimmings and bits left over from making the prized long-filler cigars, and as a result mixed-fillers were often cheaply constructed, cheap to buy, and earned a reputation as the pariah in the world of premium cigars.

Our very own Mike Mersel understood, just as other prominent names in cigarmaking did, that cigars are an expensive indulgence, and with the working man in mind, he wanted to make a special line of cigars to prove that a value smoke did not have to mean a terrible smoke. He saw the perfect avenue to this goal in the Cuban Sandwich construction method.

Where Arturo Fuente and Drew Estate dedicated the Curly Heads and La Vieja Habana lines, respectively, to the Cuban Sandwich method, Mike founded an entire brand, Cuban Sandwich Cigars, dedicated to making the best damn Cuban Sandwich Cigar—one that would stand toe to toe, both in quality and flavor, with cigars many times more expensive.

Cuban Sandwich Cigars today remain one of our esteemed brands, still crafted by hand with Mike’s mission in mind. Each cigar is a masterful blend of premium medium and long filler tobacco from across South American and the Caribbean, bound with fine Honduran leaf, and wrapped in a sumptuous Sumatran wrapper.

A Cuban Sandwich Cigar is more than just a fine smoke for the value. A Cuban Sandwich Cigar is a fine smoke for any occasion, a fine smoke for any pairing, and a fine smoke for all.


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