Cuesta-Rey cigars were once the official cigar of the Spanish King Alfonso XI. These cigars were founded on mutual respect and made so well they are fit for King. For over a century, Cuesta-Rey cigars have been satisfying aficionados across the globe.
Cuesta-Rey was established by Angel Cuesta and Peregrino Rey. They were both Spaniard’s who immigrated to Cuba and learned the Cuban traditions of crafting cigars as apprentices. In 1860, Cuesta left Cuba and traveled around the United States rolling cigars, until finally settling in Atlanta, Georgia. Rey left Cuba to work for Cuesta in Atlanta in 1876.
Cuesta and Rey were good friends first, and successful business partners second. The dyad established Cuesta-Rey cigars in 1884.
The partnership was halted when the bustling cigar industry in Tampa, Florida drew Cuesta away. A few years later, Rey joined Cuesta in Tampa and they formed Cuesta, Rey y Compania. Their company produced some of the most well-liked brands on the market, such as El Rey del Mundo, Flor de Allones, and Cuesta-Rey.
In 1914, the duo sent a very large sample of Cuesta, Rey y Compania cigars to the King of Spain and dozens of cases of cigarettes to the Spanish Army troops. Cuesta and King Alfonso XI became friends and the Cuesta-Rey brand was named the official cigar of the Court of Spain. Cuesta and Rey were also awarded the Cross of Isabella La Catolica in honor of their deed of goodwill.
Cuesta, Rey y Compania lived on to be run by the following generation, which had been thoroughly prepped to manage the company. In 1959, the company was bought by another Tampa-based company, J.C. Newman Cigar Company.
J.C. Newman Cigar Co. is the oldest family-owned premium cigar maker in the United States. Since 1895, generations of the Newman family have been perfecting the art of crafting handmade cigars. The Newman’s are responsible for several genius innovations that changed the landscape of the cigar industry.
The Newman family was the first to start using cellophane to individually wrap cigars. This packaging method proved to be effective at maintaining a cigars freshness and is now an industry standard. The Newman’s also introduced the delectable Cameroon wrapper to the American market.
At first, Cuesta-Rey cigars were made using Cuban tobacco. Due to the Cuban Embargo, J.C. Newman redeveloped the blends for Cuesta-Rey cigars. The revitalized Cuesta-Rey cigar blend features tobacco from the Dominican Republic, Connecticut, and Ecuador.
As demand for their extraordinary brands increased, J.C. Newman opened a factory in Nicaragua. The production of Cuesta-Rey cigars has been contracted to be handcrafted at one of the best cigar factories in the Dominican Republic, Tabacalera A. Fuente. Four generations of the Fuente family have upheld the Arturo Fuente name as one of the most respected names in the cigar industry.
Cuesta-Rey has been developed by three of the brightest and most talented cigar manufacturers in the industry. Treat yourself like royalty and enjoy a Cuesta-Rey cigar. Mike’s Cigars will give you the best price for them.

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