Deadwood Cigars were originally released by the Deadwood Tobacco Company in the legendary South Dakota town of Deadwood. Owner Vaughn Boyd teamed up with Drew Estate to create a cigar specifically for the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. The initial offering, Sweet Jane, was released in 2008 with just a couple hundred boxes available. Sweet Jane? I’m not sure if we’re talking about an awesome Saturday night, or the newest releases from Drew Estate, but either way, I’m in! The blend was an instant success, as each cigar sold at record pace. Over the past decade, production of Sweet Jane increased, distribution became more widespread, and new sizes were offered, with each as popular as the last. Drew Estate has been at the top of the cigar game for years now, and with their newest line of cigars the success continues. Originally dubbed the Three Yummy Bitches, this series, now dubbed Deadwood Cigars has been released to the masses and we couldn’t be happier. The names are crazy, the packaging is bizarre, the sizes are … well, less-than-traditional, but if you know Drew Estate you’re already well aware that these are on the must-try list. After the success of Liga Privada, Undercrown, ACID, Natural, and many more cigars, would you really doubt that these sticks are anything less than stellar?


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