Diesel Uncut offers the brand’s famous uncompromising, fiery flavors at an affordable price. Letting every smoker taste why Diesel is a critical favorite. Diesel has long been known for powerful, high octane smokes. The Uncut manages all that without costing an arm and a leg!

Diesel Uncut manages a pedigree that few can boast. The one and only AJ Fernandez blended it! Yet despite this, Diesel was designed so that everyday cigar lovers can purchase it. Providing top tier levels of taste at a bargain.

AJ Fernandez started with a rich blend of powerful Nicaraguan tobacco for its long fillers. Finishing the creation with a smooth Pennsylvania Broadleaf wrapper. Sparking it up releases the flawless taste of chocolate, cedar, nuts, and black pepper.

With two sizes, Diesel Uncut is perfect for anyone wanting to stock up on luxury level cigars.

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