While many “Serious Smokers” may have dismissed the idea of a bourbon cigar in the past, when the man behind it is AJ Fernandez, the Golden Boy of the modern age of cigar, even these sceptics have to stand up and take notice. AJ brings his talent to the Diesel brand, partnering with Kaveh Zamanian of Rabbit Hole Distilleries to create the Diesel Whiskey Row Cigar.

Diesel Whiskey Row was awarded an impressive 91 rating in the October 2018 issue of Cigar Aficionado!
Both Diesel and Rabbit Hole are unique in that they are young and fresh brands, unencumbered by a storied history that would tie them down to a particular way of doing things. The beauty of the Diesel Rabbit Hole cigar is that it brings together two mavericks, Kaveh and AJ, who have made a name for themselves by daring to go against traditions, pushing the boundaries of what has defined these two industries for hundreds of years.

Aged in Rabbit Hole Bourbon Barrels for 5 to 8 years, the Tobaccos in the Diesel Whiskey Row cigar is built around a blend of Nicaraguan leaves from the Jalapa, Condega and Ometepe regions, and is bound in a powerful Mexican San Andreas, and wrapped in a dark and dreamy Ecuadorian Habano wrapper leaf also aged for 5 years in bourbon casks. AJ spent months developing a process that allowed the leaves to breathe during fermentation, with regular rotation in the barrels and precise temperature and humidity conditions at particular stages. All this hard work resulted in an exact level of bourbon present throughout the tastes and aromatic experience in the Whiskey Row smoke.

A wonderful smoke to pair with a few fingers of your favorite scotch or whiskey, the Medium bodied, but full flavored cigar is a wonderful treat that needs to be sampled.

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