In 2003, Don Jose “Pepin” Garcia, best known as the founder of the illustrious My Father cigar brand, sought to establish a brand that would exemplify his passion for crafting premium cigars, live up to his famed exacting standards, and ultimately merit carrying his name and his legacy. The final result was Don Pepin Garcia Cigars.
Don Jose “Pepin” Garcia started rolling cigars at just 11 years old at his uncle’s factory in Báez, Cuba, and has since never stopped refining and perfecting his craft. In his 30 years as a torcedor in Cuba, he attained the rank as a Master Torcedor, the highest rank achievable by any cigarmaker. He also rolled 320 Julieta vitola cigars in under 4 hours, earning his the Productivity Prize. He was also dubbed a Tabaquero Maestro for his masterful blending, and the teacher of teachers in blending and rolling cigars.
Don Pepin Garcia also crafted blends for several respected names by Habanos S.A., including Cohiba, Partagas, and Montecristo. He also served as head of quality control for Cohiba, was named as Cuba’s most productive master roller, and was called “the most exciting person and cigar concept” by Jose Blanco of La Aurora S.A..
Despite his near legendary status and prolific list of acclaim and accolades, Don Pepin Garcia has remained humble, and dedicated to his goal of crafting only the finest cigars, just as they were made in Cuba.
Don Pepin Garcia Cigars, therefore, had a lot to live up to, and as expected from cigars crafted by their eponymous founder, Don Pepin Garcia Cigars do not disappoint.
Each cigar is still handcrafted at the unassuming El Rey de los Habanos factory in Little Havana, Miami, with 26 cigar entries that have been ranked by Cigar Aficionado at a 90 rating and above. Don Pepin Garcia Cigars are lauded for their flawless construction, consistency, and bold flavors that compel and entice one into delving deeper, excitedly taking another draw.
Every aficionado owes it to themselves to enjoy this, another wonderful entry by the venerable Don Pepin Garcia.

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