The Flor De Oliva family has been around for generations, producing some of the finest cigars for well over the last hundred years. Starting from their roots, to the great tasting blends they produce for todays cigar aficionado. Here at Mike’s Cigars we like to continue supplying great tasting tradition and quality to our customers. Make no mistake, Flor De Oliva has been and will continue to be a great tasting cigar line and one of the best standards in our already rich cigar industry.
The Flor De Oliva Corojo Series is manufactured in Nicaragua using their exclusive premier tobaccos. This mild to medium bodied cigar has a woody and pleasant aroma upon unwrapping. Some hints of cocoa even fill the air as soon as you open up a new pack of Flor De Oliva Corojo’s. Some pre light flavors even give off a citrus taste. Each of these fine cigars come with a firmly placed cap and all are cut cleanly, giving this cigar a smooth looking finish. The wrapper is an authentic Nicaraguan Corojo, the color itself is a cocoa/chocolate brown color, with small, and almost unnoticeable veins. The overall construction of this cigar is great.
This spicy little treat from Flor De Oliva has become the fan favorite in some categories and a “Go To” everyday cigar. Whether you’re waking up and enjoying your favorite cup of joe in the morning, or coming home from a long day at work and pouring yourself some of your favorite ale, the Flor De Oliva Corojo is a solid addition to your smoking experience.
This Corojo is a stellar addition to any cigar aficionados’ repertoire. The flavors that come out of this Flor De Oliva Corojo are plentiful and complex with a body that suits the smoke. The best part of it all, the price. You can’t find a cigar anywhere that is priced as low as the Flor De Oliva Corojo or the Flor De Oliva family brand for that matter. We at Mike’s Cigars wouldn’t have it any other way. So we are proud to bring you the Flor De Oliva Corojo line at great affordable price.
Order your bundle today at Mike’s Cigars and receive your shipment promptly, or stop by our store and have a seat with us to enjoy a Flor De Oliva Corojo today. Come see for yourself the value of this affordable gem of a cigar!

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