The Tabernacle David and Goliath By Foundation are two knockout punches of tobacco delivered with smooth precision and luscious flavors. One of the many blends born from Nicholas Melillo’s passion for Connecticut shade smokes, the two sticks are a masterpiece of balance.
Starting with a premier blend of Honduran tobacco and Nicaraguan leaves straight from the Jalapa Valley, capped with a Mexican San Andres binder, the real star of the show is the wrapper. Melillo’s expertise with the Connecticut Broadleaf is on full display, as its dark and oily nature is counterbalanced by a polished profile that combines perfectly with its high strength.
Lighting up either stick releases a full-on feast of flavors including white peppercorn, black peppercorn, toasted wheat, creamy earth, and the sweet taste of peanut butter. Cigar Aficionado sang its praises in its review noting, “Tapered at both ends, this near-black, fat perfecto starts out toasty before conveying an earthy, nutty smoke. It takes a turn when bitter woody notes emerge and extend into the waxy finish.”

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