H Upmann 1844 Special Edition Barbier Cigars celebrate the brand’s history. Utilizing an expertly blended wrapper to pay tribute to its founder’s principles. Herman Upmann and his brother August were big believers in always looking their best. Believing that a well groomed appearance was a matter of professionalism.

That dedication to his appearance translated into his business as well. Which is why the name H Upmann is synonymous with premium cigars. In honor of that unwavering passion. H Upmann has created the Barbier line.

The first thing smokers will notice is the distinctive barber pole wrapper. A fusion of a Connecticut shade and a Sumatran tobacco leaf. This outstanding combination offers a smooth draw with subtle hints of spice.

The wrapper isn’t the only highlight of the cigar. The Barbier uses a radiant blend of Nicaraguan, Dominican, and Pennsylvania Broadleaf tobacco for its filler. Holding it all in place is a meaty combination binder made from java and Indonesian tobacco.

Lighting any of its sizes offers the overflowing taste of sweet cocoa, mixed nuts, toast, and a light spice throughout its profile. With five sizes available, the H Upmann Barbier stands as poignant and sophisticated smoke.

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