The founder of Indian Head Cigars, Bill Bock, is quoted as saying “Retailers want bargain priced cigars, but are especially concerned about quality.” Bock truly understood the needs of the market and he set out to fulfill them.
Bock established Indian Head Cigars in 2001. A year later a line was launched in collaboration with the famous Tabacalera Palma, one of the oldest manufacturers in the Dominican Republic. That brand is known as Palma Real and the handmade cigars consisted of exclusively long-filler tobacco.
Since that then, the brand has released several affordable lines such as Dynamite, Cuban Aristocrat, American Stogies, and Rough Ryders. Bock also worked with the legendary Plasencia family on the acclaimed Plasencia Organica brand, which was one of the first brands to feature solely organic tobacco.
In 2015, Bill Bock decided to retire so he contacted his trusted business partner José “Jochy” Blanco, owner of Tabacalera Palma. José agreed to continue the brand and uphold its values. While production of most Indian Head brands remains in Honduras and Nicaragua, Blanco also expanded Indian Head by adding more of his own lines to its portfolio, which are produced in his factory. Blanco revamped several of the older lines such as Cuban Aristocrat and American Stogies War Hunter.
La Galera, which is one of the lines Blanco created, has arguably become the most popular one within Indian Head. This success is notably due to several 90+ ratings from Cigar Aficionado and praise from other popular cigar publications like Halfwheel.
Indian Head Cigars emerged as an ambitious brand years after the cigar boom. No one would have bet in its favor. However, under the thoughtful and talented collaboration of Bock, Plasencia, and Blanco the company has flourished and succeeded in its mission to provide value premium cigars to the masses.

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