Many believe that caffeine keeps the cigar business alive. Java cigars play off of that time-honored tradition and combine them into one entity, a move that turns the cigar industry on its head.
Java is a collaboration between Jonathon Drew of Drew Estates and Rocky Patel that launched in 2004. This is a partnership that screams “quality innovation”.
Drew Estates is responsible for crafting some of the best infused cigars on the market. Their original brand ACID boosted the success of the infused cigar movement. ACID remains one of the most popular brands in its flavorful niche.
Rocky Patel is synonymous with quality and perfecting innovation. Patel’s philosophy is that finding perfection involves evolving. He is quoted “You can expect more and you will get more”.
Both Drew Estates and Rocky Patel joined the cigar market in the mid-1990’s. Cigar Aficionado considers them “survivors” because they emerged during the boom but did not die away with it as other new-comers did.
Java cigars are box-pressed and come in various sizes, which provide different smoking lengths. All Java cigars have notes of espresso and chocolate. Java also has lines with mint and cherry flavors. The aged filler tobacco is Nicaraguan and the wrappers vary between the lines but include hearty Brazilian grown and Connecticut-seed Ecuador-grown options.
A venture between two young companies has led to an astoundingly successful sleek cigar. The brand follows Patel’s motto of continued growth and has done so fairly quickly.
Java’s premium cigars could easily replace dessert. They have a sweet well-balanced flavor profiles and smooth finishes. They’re the perfect classy fix for a sweet tooth.


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