You will be hard-pressed to find a more majestic cigar than a King David cigar. King David cigars are made by one of the most honest and honorable cigar makers in the cigar industry, Alec Bradley. Don’t underestimate the experience that a King David cigar can provide.
Alec Bradley has been producing quality cigars since 1996. The company was founded by Alan Rubin, who was inspired to name the company after his children because his father had done the same. The company entered the market at the end of the 90’s cigar boom and it was a battle to stay alive in the economic downturn.
According to Rubin, 10 seconds saved the company from a seemingly impossible situation. A brief meeting with talented cigar maker Ralph Montero changed the trajectory of the company’s future. Ralph and Rubin joined forces and made it through the rough season after the boom.
The King David name speaks volumes to what the Alec Bradley brand has experienced. Much like King David, who was underestimated in a time of war and eventually beat Goliath, Alec Bradley surprised the market experts and defied all odds.
Since 2000, King David cigars have been handcrafted in Honduras. The classic King David blend features Honduran and Nicaraguan filler tobacco bound by a Sumatra binder and cloaked in silky Claro Connecticut tobacco. The King David Blue line is a Dominican puro which offers a sweet, sensual aroma.
Something that stands out about a King David cigar is its excellent construction that provides a clean burn and sturdy ash. These cigars fulfill Alec Bradley’s purpose, which is to “give you, the cigar smoker, an unforgettable experience.”
King David has been well received by aficionados. Cigar bloggers, such as Dan Gumm from Cigar & Coffee and Jeremy Hensley from Casas Fumando, thoroughly enjoyed their experience with King David. They mentioned that pairing a King David cigar with a good cup of coffee is a smart pairing.
Someone’s cigar choice represents their character, a King David cigar speaks to an aficionado’s humble strength. The quality of King David cigars shines through the premium aged tobacco used in each and every cigar. Mike’s Cigars teamed up Alec Bradley and have exclusive distribution rights, so you know you will get the best deal with us!


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