La Caoba is the Spanish name for one of the world’s finest mahogany woods once grown only on Cuban soil. Today it is one of Mike’s Cigars special exclusive brands to honor the history of this long-forgotten Cuban brand. We want to offer modern cigar aficionados an opportunity to enjoy what once was Cuba’s finest cigars. To achieve its enduring quality, only the finest tobaccos from Esteli in Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic have been selected, fermented and carefully aged in rum barrels to replicate the unique aromas of the past with no change in ingredients, whatsoever. The leaf and filler have been carefully arranged to produce a smooth balance of flavors like ginger, vanilla, cedar wood and chocolate. The La Caoba Extra cigars come in 20-count boxes where they have been aging for 22 months. Each cigar is individually wrapped in breathable cellophane to assure it will continue to mature and capture the sweet aromas of the Spanish cedar box. It is a medium flavor cigar with an easy draw, and a long creamy finish. We pride ourselves with this cigar and assure that you would enjoy the smoke and find its name worthy to remember.


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