La Flor Del Caney has experienced a rebirth courtesy of Mike’s Cigars and Quesada. The Cuban heritage and respect for this brand kept it alive despite the factors that attempted to deprive the brand’s existence.
La Flor Del Caney is a discontinued Cuban brand as well as its predecessor, Caney. Caney first came out to the scene in the early 1970’s and was produced by the former Romeo y Julieta factory, now known as the Briones Montoto factory. The brand had a short life and was discontinued in 1977.
The Cuban state run company, Habanos S.A., offers no explanation as to why the rare cigars were discontinued. Several speculations as to why arose especially, after the quick emergence of La Flor Del Caney in the early 1980’s followed by its discontinuation in mid-1980.
An interesting theory concludes that Caney was rebranded by adding “La Flor Del” in order to distinguish the cigar brand from the Cuban rum brand under the same name. However, the La Flor Del Caney and Ron Caney rum logos have a level of similarity with a high likelihood of confusion since both have the Caney name as the most prominent aspect.
Habanos S.A. describes La Flor Del Caney cigars as being virtually identical to the Caney brand. Caney translates to “a big house for the leaders” and it is believed that the cigar was created to honor Cuba and its leaders. This aspect adds to the mystic and leaves connoisseurs grasping at clues in an attempt to find the reason for the short life of these two extremely rare brands.
In 2001, the dynamic duo of Mike’s Cigars and Quesada Cigars revitalized the brand. Mike’s Cigars controls the distribution and Quesada produces the cigars. La Flor Del Caney is now a non-Cuban brand and highly revered for its pleasant smoke and superb construction.
La Flor Del Caney cigars are made by the same hands that rolled Romeo y Julieta at the Quesada factory, which is located in the Dominican Republic. Quesada and Mike’s Cigar have a long history of working together on fabulous cigar brands such as Licenciados, Casa Blanca, and Fonseca.
The brand pays homage to its mysterious Cuban ancestry. Oscar Boruchin, a Cuban immigrant, was the man who commissioned Manuel Quesada to produce this cigar. Oscar left Cuba to build a better life for his family and he has done so with Mike’s Cigars.
The bands on La Flor Del Caney cigars are virtually identical to their historic Cuban counterpart. The cigars consist of fine Dominican filler tobacco in an Indonesian binder and an aged Cameroon wrapper.
The quality of La Flor Del Caney warrants acclamation and it is a fan favorite among aficionados at Mike’s Cigars. La Flor Del Caney delivers on strength and construction. Enjoy the world’s most regal pastime with La Flor Del Caney.


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