Natural by Drew Estate is on its own level. Each size in the Natural line has its own individual blend. The tobaccos used in these cigars are sourced from both traditional and exotic countries around the globe, including Dominican Republic, Haiti, Honduras, Italy, Nicaragua, Syria, Brazil, Turkey, Cameroon, St. James Parish, Connecticut, Java, Mexico, and other undisclosed locales.
Drew Estates is the biggest brand to have emerged from the 90’s cigar booms. They have made their mark in the industry as the leading producer of flavored cigars. Their natural cigars meet the same excellent quality as their flavored ones and stand head-to-head with the cigars from traditional manufacturers.The Natural lines pushes cigar making to the farthest edge. From the Natural NDB with its ultra length to the small Juicy Lucy that erupts in an earthy, robust flavor. The much stronger Natural Root is the “mocha cappuccino” of the cigar world with deep rich flavors and strong notes of coffee. No matter which Natural you choose, you will be getting a first-class cigar that will provide a satisfying smoke.

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