Introducing Le Pavillon, the newest offering from Pure Aroma Cigars.
This inspired creation is the work of Isaias Santana Diaz, the owner and creator of the brand. Le Pavillon is the name given to the new aging room where all our exquisite blends will mature, and where we will pursue our passion. Within Le Pavillon, our experiments will be based on patience, tasting, and the rigorous practice of time-honored cigar aging techniques.
Le Pavillon means “pabellon” in Spanish, which signifies a special room or building. These new cigars that bear this name deliver a soft and mild flavor with hints of nuts and nutmeg, showcasing a perfect draw and an overall sweetness.
With its commitment to quality, Pure Aroma Cigars Inc. has proven a dedication to the art of crafting fine cigars that defines excellence. True artistry requires years to achieve, and comes with assurance that time rewards patience. These cigars regale the master, and all who appreciate quality, with the utmost in sophistication and delicate tobacco flavors.


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