Leaf by Oscar cigars may look different, but one single draw will asway all doubts as you bask in the glorious cloud of premium Honduran tobacco blend. That blend that could only be assembled by the hands of a master of the art, Oscar Valladares.

The first thing smokers will notice about Leaf by Oscar is its unique form of storage, as instead of cellophane it utilizes a genuine tobacco leaf. Giving the entire cigar a delightful aged feel, as well as keeping it fresh longer.

While the appearance is certainly striking, it serves a special purpose. By using extra raw tobacco to package the cigars, they actually give them more natural flavors. The oils within get an extra opportunity to soak into the profile of each stick. Even the medium bodied cigars gather that additional bit of taste.

Leaf by Oscar features a diverse array of wrappers that allow you to try a wide range of flavors and aromas, from Corojo, Connecticut, Maduro, and Sumatra wrappers. All are available in lovely bundles that work as their own cigar samplers.

What others will notice upon purchase is that Leaf by OScar is some of the best value for any cigars online. Entire bundles of pure premium tobacco at less than a box of a mid range blend. Cigar prices this good could only come from someone who loves to smoke as much as the rest of us!

With mild cigars to more medium strength cigars, Leaf by Oscar is a premium cigar that won’t break the bank.


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