The Licenciados cigar is a creamy, smooth, medium body smoke that offers a very similar body and flavor to that of a Macanudo. A true son of a Cuban cigar and the brain child of Manuel Quesada. Licenciados was first released in 1989 to rival the Classic Cuban taste that has been sought after by cigar lovers since the Cuban embargo in 1962. A creamy Dominican blend with a blonde Connecticut wrapper, these light-bodied handmade cigars are easy to smoke any time of the day. A light, nutty flavor and a creamy finish complements the mild-bodied demeanor exceedingly well.
Licenciados became a pioneer for Dominican tobacco worldwide when it received one of the highest ratings at the time for a non-Cuban cigar in the 90’s: Licenciados rated 93 by Cigar Aficionado!

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