Los Statos Deluxe Cigars are the latest boutique smoke to make waves in the tobacco world with a brilliant blend crafted by a true artist and auteur. That auteur is the one and only Matt Booth, the mind behind Room 101, who partnered with STG to bring the Los Statos Deluxe to life. While the Los Statos name has its roots back in the 40s, the new blend is a completely new creation curated to the needs of the modern smoker. Built out of a vibrant, medium-bodied blend of Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco, capped with an indelible Nicaraguan binder, and lovingly rolled into a tantalizing Ecuadorian Sumatran wrapper. All of it is crafted at the renowned HATSA factory in Honduras. Each stick is layered with the joyous tastes of cocoa, french-press coffee, earth, and dark spices. This nuanced cigar is sure to become a new favorite for discerning smokers.


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