Nica Rustica is a symbolic cigar brand. The brand was created by Drew Estate to honor Estelí, Nicaragua. The city and its citizens were critical to the growth and success of Drew Estate, which has become one of the largest cigar makers in the United States market.
Drew Estate was established by two fraternity brothers who had a vision. Jonathan Drew and Marvin Samel dreamed of the “Rebirth of Cigars” and they founded Drew Estate to spearhead that movement. Their operation began out of a tiny kiosk in the Twin Towers.
The company’s first line of cigars, La Vieja Habana, was put on hold because of Hurricane Mitch, which devastated Nicaragua. In 1998, despite knowing nothing of Spanish, Jonathan decided to move to Estelí and Marvin managed the operation in America. Jonathan spent a year in Estelí, learning about the art of cigar making and developing blends for their young company.
When Jonathan returned to New York they developed the ACID brand in collaboration with their friend Scott “ACID” Chester. ACID’s lines of infused cigars and its edgy packaging brought a lot of attention to Drew Estate, which was an industry newcomer. In 2001, Forbes magazine featured Drew Estate in an article about Cult Brands and it was a huge boost for the company’s budding reputation.
In 2013, Drew Estate launched Nica Rustica. The purpose of these cigars is to honor the intricate history of tobacco in Nicaragua. The cigars are available in wooden boxes that feature El Brujito, a witch doctor/ shaman. They are also available in black trapezoid bundles.
El Brujito was established as the symbol of Estelí in 1984. The El Brujito image on Nica Rustica immolates an ancient petroglyph from Pre-Colombian times. Shamans and witch doctors were the first to use tobacco in Nicaragua. Back then, tobacco was used for medicinal purposes but it has become the backbone of Estelí’s economy.
The filler blend of Nica Rustica is made up of premium hand selected tobacco from Jalapa and Esteli, Nicaragua. Dark Mexican San Andreas Negro tobacco is used as the binder and the wrappers are Connecticut Broadleaf Mediums. The cigars are rolled to have a rough pigtail cap and uncut feet.
Drew Estate has a dedicated following who reveled the creation of Nica Rustic. Nica Rustica even won over harsh critics such as Katman. Cigar Aficionado also loved this blend and rated the short Robusto at 90.
With two huge factories in Estelí, Drew Estate has definitely made their mark on the city. In Estelí, the company has been able to develop its vertical integration. Nica Rustica represents the hard work and struggles the company faced to accomplish that and it honors the city that has provided that opportunity for them.
Nica Rustica is the perfect cigar for aficionados who enjoy bold satisfying cigars. The cigar’s rugged look and impeccable construction complement its robust blend. Celebrate the history of Estelí, the city of the future of cigars, with a Nica Rustica


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