The Partagas Original Cigar – continuing quality through age Dating back to 1845, Partagas practice is unmistakable. That rich tradition comes through full circle with the Partagas Original Cigar line. A rich and robust premium smoke, this cigar truly lives up to the Partagas long living tradition of quality and excellence. This is the standard Partagas line which was created under the direction of Cifuentes in Jamaica in 1974 and then moved to the Dominican Republic in 1978, bearing the famed red band. The secret of today’s rich Partagas cigars lies in their wrapper leaves, grown in Cameroon, the Central West African country where the steaming, sub-tropical climate unique to the fourth parallel is ideal for growing superb wrapper leaves, Cameroon wrappers have no equals for rich flavor and texture. Together with the Dominican and Mexican San Andreas binders and fillers, they make Partagas a rich and robust smoke that is satisfying and smooth. All are combined to form this tightly packed quality Partagas cigar. So rich yet never harsh, a Partagas cigar has all the flavor and character you’d expect from a premium cigar company rich in traditional values and quality.

The Partagas No. 1 received an impressive rating of 90 in the October 2018 edition of Cigar Aficionado Magazine!
The Partagas line will always remain a medium to full body stogie, but it stays as smooth as it can be from start to finish. The Partagas gives a cigar aficionado the best of both worlds with consistent flavors and varied warm notes and of course a solid construction of a cigar, hands down.
Upon first opening of a Partagas cigar, you’ll notice the rich chocolate and sepia colored wrapper. Elegantly constructed, its tight layers and double cap with smooth skin has minimal veins to make this parejo cigar a true beauty for your cigar repertoire. Once lit you will notice the flavor is a smooth, almost buttered toast blend. The aroma is of a sweet, grassy coffee. A few draws and you will begin to reach the smooth leathery and baking spice flavors and even getting some spicy cedar taste into the mix. The subtle yet pronounced woody note is wonderful without overpowering the cigars foundation of coffee and tobacco. What’s not to like about this cigar? It lights easily, burns evenly and offers a perfect draw. Sweet, delicious and consistent, it’s an excellent companion for any occasion.

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