The phrase “Perla Del Mar” translates directly to “Pearl of the Sea”. The opulent phrase refers to the discovery of Cuba and its remarkable tobacco. That discovery was truly a priceless endeavor and now one of the tastiest cigar brands on the market bears the same name.
The exquisite blend of tobaccos in Perla Del Mar cigars is aged for 3 years before hitting the market. The filler and binder are from four different fertile regions in Nicaragua, including La Reina, Condega, Pueblo Nuevo, and Jalapa. The natural wrapper option for Perla Del Mar cigars is Connecticut-seed Ecuadorian leaf which adds a smooth creaminess to an otherwise robust cigar. The Maduro option is a silky Connecticut Broadleaf. This exceptional cigar is sure to please adventurous aficionados with its medium to full-bodied strength.
Perla Del Mar is like the precious jewel it is named after, a unique and timeless classic. The Newman family pays homage to the time-honored Cuban pastime of enjoying cigars with this excellent cigar.
When Perla Del Mar was released, Bobby Newman, Vice President of J.C. Newman, stated “We don’t take new product launches lightly. A lot of time, thought, and effort over the past three years has gone into Perla del Mar”. The proof of their hard work is in how well the cigar was received in the industry. Several national cigar publications rated Perla Del Mar at 90 or above, including Cigars and Spirits Magazine, Cigar Snob, and Cigar Aficionado.


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