Romeo Y Julieta Eternal cigars are a promise to aficionados: one hundred and forty-five years is just the start, they’ll provide great smokes forever. Since its start over a century ago, Romeo Y Julieta has always strived to provide top quality to its smokers, and that’s why the Eternal is its love letter to loyal aficionados. That love letter takes the form of Nicaraguan puro crafted with the affection and delicacy smokers have come to expect from Romeo Y Julieta. Its blend was hand-made by the renowned Plasencia family, utilizing choice tobacco from their private reserve. All of its sumptuous tobacco is enveloped by a caramel-toned wrapper, double fermented, and aged for over twenty-six months. In each box of eleven cigars, smokers will find one cigar with a gold band, symbolizing Romeo Y Julieta’s bond with its customers that will last forever.

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