Room 101 represents quality with an edge. The creative mastermind behind this brand is Matt Booth, a former Marine turned jeweler. When Booth entered the cigar industry it was the shakeup aficionados needed.
While he was in service, Booth was stationed in Asia for four years. Japanese culture was by far the most inspirational to Booth. He recounts that the Japanese culture impressed him because of its deep meaningful artistry and mythology.
When Booth’s deployment ended he moved to Los Angeles, California. There he was awed by the heavy jewelry worn by the patrons at the Whiskey bar where he worked. In 2003, Booth founded Room 101 in partnership with Rafi Oganesian to craft opulent jewelry.
The young business experienced slow growth and Booth found that promoting parties was an efficient way to get exposure for the brand. Dylan Austin, a marketing director for Camacho Cigars, also promoted the Camacho brand this way. In 2008, Austin and Booth happened to meet at a party and a week later Booth flew to Honduras to visit the Camacho factory.
In 2009, Room 101 cigars were launched. In this same year, Davidoff acquired Camacho Cigars. That development was a pleasant surprise for Booth, who was trying to establish Room 101 as a luxury brand. Since the Davidoff name has stood the test of time as one of the most outstanding premium cigars brands, it was an amazing association for Booth.
There were hiccups along Room 101’s journey to success. The first batch of Room 101 was not what it was expected to be. Booth decided to devote extraneous effort into fixing the problem and by the next batch, the brand was back on track.
As Room 101 grew, Booth released new lines with heavier Japanese influence. According to Booth the Namakubi line boosted the brand’s growth 600% and is arguably one of the most meaningfully intense lines.
Namakubi refers to the severed head that would be tagged and presented to the leader of a winning Samurai clan in ancient Japanese battles. Booth respectful represents the Japanese culture and Room 101 cigars are even available in exclusive Japanese cigar shops.
All Room 101 cigars are handcrafted in Honduras. They feature premium tobacco from all over the world including Mexican San Andres and Brazilian Mata Fina. These exquisite cigars feature some of the most exotic and exclusive tobaccos available.
Aficionados rave about Room 101 and its unique perspective in the cigar industry. Once you try a Room 101 cigar the phrase Room 101 comes to refer to something new, it’s an exciting lavish experience instead of a boring classroom. Cigar Aficionado has rated over twenty Room 101 lines at 90 or above.
In early 2017, Matt Booth retired from the cigar industry to focus on his jewelry. However, that didn’t last and within the middle of that year Room 101 launched two collaboration lines, Truth and Hit & Run, with the legendary AJ Fernandez and Robert Caldwell.
Spoil yourself with a medium to full-bodied Room 101 Master Collection II. Celebrate an accomplishment with a Daruma cigar instead of Daruma doll. Or have a samurai experience with a Namakubi Ecuador. It can be pretty tricky to get your hands on a Room 101 cigar, so if you see one act quickly and try it.


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