Rosa Cuba, the Cuban Rose, is one of the best-selling & budget-friendly medium to full bodied cigar brands on the market. Handmade at the Nicaraguan American Tobacco S.A. in Esteli, Rosa Cuba cigars are tightly packed, for a smooth and consistent draw and burn throughout your entire smoke experience.
Featuring Nicaraguan, Honduran and Dominican “Cuban Sandwich” style filler, a Nicaraguan binder, and an Ecuador Sumatran EMS wrapper Rosa Cuba cigars produce a nice and cool smoke with a subtle and pleasing aroma. The result is a rich and earthy flavor with a touch of spice and a toasty finish.
Rosa Cuba handmade cigars are absolute evidence that cigar smokers don’t have to sacrifice their wallets in order to please their palates (and vice versa). When shopping online for handmade cigars that are even more enjoyable than they are economical, you’ll find everything you want with Rosa Cuba.
Packed in bundles of 20 cigars, the Rosa Cuba brand is available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of any smoker.


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