Looking into the history of Saint Luis Rey will leave a researcher perplexed and confused. Its origin story has not been pinned down and probably never will be. However, it is undisputed that Saint Luis Rey cigars are extraordinary.
Saint Luis Rey was registered in Cuba around 1940. Who registered the brand? There are a few rumors. According to Habanos S.A., the Cuban state-run tobacco company, Zamora y Guerra Co. registered it first. Others have credited two Englishmen, Michael De Keyser and Nathan Silverstone, with creating the brand.
Regardless of who established the brand, the Saint Luis Rey cigars were handcrafted in the Romeo y Julieta factory. These Saint Luis Rey cigars feature tobaccos from the Vuelta Abajo and Semi Vuelta region. It has been said that Frank Sinatra regularly enjoyed the Saint Luis Rey Lonsdale.
Another discrepancy in the history of Saint Luis Rey is its name. Some say the brand is named after the Cuban town San Luis. The prevailing theory believes the cigar is named after The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder, a novel which earned a Pulitzer Prize in 1928.
In 1960, Fidel nationalized the Cuban tobacco industry and thousands of brands were forcibly discontinued. Only 25 brands remained in production in Cuba, Saint Luis Rey was one of them. A few years later, the Cuban Embargo restructured the dynamics of the cigar industry.
Due to the embargo, several Cuban brands were registered in America with new ownership even though they may have still been in production in Cuba. In 1980, the Saint Luis Rey brand was registered in the United States. Altadis USA revived the Saint Luis Rey so American connoisseurs could once again enjoy Saint Luis Rey.
The non-Cuban Saint Luis Rey cigars are handcrafted in Honduras at the Santa Rosa factory. Saint Luis Rey cigars are once again produced alongside Romeo y Julieta (the non-Cuban version).
Saint Luis Rey cigars feature mostly Nicaraguan and Honduran tobacco and range from medium to full-bodied strength. Some lines such as the Saint Luis Rey Maduro and Saint Luis Rey Serie G Maduro feature tobaccos San Andres and Black Connecticut Broadleaf tobacco, respectively.
Saint Luis Rey cigars are well-liked whether they are produced in Cuba or Honduras. Cigar Aficionado has given the Honduran Saint Luis Rey several 90+ ratings. In 2017, the Cuban Saint Luis Rey was named Cigar of the Year by Cigar Journal.
The art of making cigars has been nearly perfected by Altadis’ Master Blenders. The delightful cigars are available for a lovely price. Cigar Aficionado awarded Saint Luis Rey as the Best Buy of 2015. Mike’s Cigars can hook you up with these alluring sticks and more!


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