Sancho Panza is a beloved witty character in the 17th-century classic novel Don Quixote. Seasoned Aficionados, who are well-versed in Cuban cigar history, are aware that Sancho Panza is one of the oldest Cuban cigar brands still in production.
The Sancho Panza brand was established in Cuba on 1848. The line of Sancho Panza cigars is unlike most Cuban cigars because it has a medium-bodied strength. Cuban Ligero is stronger than that available in the United States so Cuban cigars tend to be more full-bodied and pack more punch.
After Fidel Castro took over the Cuban government, he nationalized the tobacco industry in 1960. Subsequently, several thousand cigar brands were no longer recognized and only 25 remained. Sancho Panza remains a local brand and has occasional special line releases.
The Cuban Embargo impacted the Cuban brands and American aficionados in a big way. Cuban brands could be registered in the United States and produced using any type of non-Cuban tobacco, even if the Cuban version was still in production. In 1981, Villazon & Co. was able to register the Sancho Panza brand in the United States.
In 2001, the non-Cuban Sancho Panza brand was finally released by General Cigar Co. In 1997, Villazon & Co. was acquired by General Cigar Co., along with all its brands.
The non-Cuban Sancho Panza is handcrafted in Honduras at the old Villazon factory. Sancho Panza cigars feature delectable blends with tobaccos from Honduras, Nicaragua, Connecticut, and the Dominican Republic. The different lines of Sancho Panza range from Medium to full-bodied strength.
Connoisseurs in the United States were ecstatic about the opportunity to rediscover Sancho Panza. It just so happened, the non-Cuban brand was just as good, and to some even better than the Cuban version. Cigar Aficionado rated several lines at 90 or above, such as the Sancho Panza Dulcinea which was awarded a 93.
The Sancho Panza character was a loyal squire to Don Quixote. Just like its namesake, Sancho Panza cigars are dependable. They are well-constructed vitolas that aficionados can turn to for an everyday cigar. Mike’s Cigars can get you a great deal on these trustworthy sticks.


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