Smoke like a pirate and save with Trader Jack’s Kickin Aromatic Cigars. These come full of flavor and are packaged in a special resealable pouch. Rustic finish and wrappers are aromatically enhanced with the bright tastes of the islands. Tastes like rum, vanilla, and a hint of coconut.

Trader Jacks separate themselves from other flavored cigars right out of the gate. These may be machine manufactured, but skilled tobacconists are there every step of the way. Putting their expertise to use to make sure every Trader Jack meets the standard of a premium cigar.

Offering a full buffet of Caribbean inspired tastes, the brand has several varieties to choose from.

Trader Jack’s Kickin Aromatic: Rolled into an Ecuadorian Havana seed for its wrapper. With the classic Nicaraguan and Dominican tobacco fans love. These sticks offer the ripe taste of vanilla and rum in every draw.

Trader Jack’s Sunrise: Sporting a beautiful Connecticut shade wrapper. It immediately evokes the sight of the sun rising over the islands. Uses ripe Dominican and Nicaraguan filler. Which provide tropical tastes throughout their smooth and mild profile.

Trader Jacks Midnight: Using the same fillers as its sunrise counterpart, the midnight distinguishes itself with a Maduro Connecticut broadleaf wrapper. The result is rich, oily smoke that will please the discerning palate. Perfect as an after dinner aperitif with its subtle note of coconut.

Available in quant jars or in resealable aromatic packs. Each pack uses specialized technology to keep the sticks inside at optimal humidity. Meaning that every stogie stays fresh and ready to smoke longer than others.

Don’t judge Trader Jacks by its price, try them for yourself and save. You will see they are worth more than they cost and are a better version of a value infused cigar. It’s a tobacco thing and these are a good cigar deal.


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