Trinidad Espiritu Serie No. 1 cigars were crafted by two well known master blenders, Rafael Nodal from Altadis U.S.A, and AJ Fernandez. Men responsible for some of the best cigars out there.

These cigars celebrate the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. When life was peculiar, but for cigar lovers was a great time to be alive. This era is even referred to by some as the ‘golden years’ of tobacco. Referring to amazing quality blends that came from the Caribbean during those years.

To take smokers back to that hollowed era, the blenders had to search for just the right tobacco. They found it in a crop of luscious Nicaraguan tobacco. A Nicaraguan puro through and through, the consistency of the stick has made it a hit with old school smokers.

That consistency also extends to its critical acclaim. The Trinidad brand has long produced top rated cigars well known for their rustic flavors and medium to full bodied profile. The Espiritu line even managed to score an enviable 90 point rating from Cigar Aficionado.

The reviewer highlighted the blend’s earthy core that developed into a sweet experience tinged with notes of fruit, gingerbread, and coffee. A perfect snapshot of Caribbean flavor!

Coming in a colorful box with Caribbean inspired artwork, each cigar is like a mini vacation. Spark up any of its sizes to enjoy the prime tastes of oak, vanilla, pepper, and citrus.

Reminisce the greatness from that era with the Trinidad Espiritu Series. Smoking one is like sitting on a tropical beach without a care in the world!

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