The Undercrown brand of cigars is a very special brand of cigars that was created because the rollers in the Drew Estate factory just could not stop smoking all of the special Liga Privada cigars. In order to curb this the factory owners told the rollers to stop smoking Liga Privada cigars which was met with disappointment. In return the rollers got creative. They started using and incorporating similar rare tobaccos that was used in the Liga Privadas but they used different vintage and primings in the blend which first created the Undercrown Maduro cigar, an amazing smoke of quality and flavor.
The second edition to the Undercrown series came in the form of a Connecticut Shade wrapper, the Undercrown Shade. Released in 2015, this bad boy isn’t as strong as its Maduro brother by using the Connecticut Shade wrapper this baby mellowed down just a bit knocking it to a sliky smooth medium smoke. Blended by master blender Willy Herrera he delivered a lush and ultra smooth smoke.
The third edition to be released was the Undercrown Sun Grown. This cigar was released in 2017. They challenged themselves on this release to find the best sun grown wrapper to adorn on this cigar. They used one leaf of extensively aged ligero in this blend and a binder from the Connecticut River Valley, Stalk cut/Cured Sun Grown Habano. The Blend creates a powerhouse of smoke to medium to full bodied cigar

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