European connoisseurs once kept their fascination with VegaFina cigars to themselves. Fortunately, the makers of VegaFina were able to expand their production capabilities and provide these outstanding cigars to the American market.
Tabacalera S.A., Spain’s former tobacco monopoly, founded VegaFina. VegaFina is widely considered one of the bestselling cigar brands in Europe. These cigars are known for their impeccable construction and stellar price point.
In 1998, VegaFina cigars finally became available to American aficionados. A year later, the brand was discontinued due to the merger between Tabacalera S.A. and its French monopoly counterpart SEITA, which formed Altadis S.A.
It was evident connoisseurs in the United States longed for access to VegaFina cigars. Finally, they were brought back in 2007 by Altadis USA, a branch of Altadis S.A. which was established in 2000. The brand was reborn like a phoenix and was arguably better the second time around and undeniably stronger.
VegaFina cigars satisfy aficionados with various lines ranging from mild to full-bodied strength. The classic mellow VegaFina blend consists of filler tobacco from Colombia, Honduras, and the Dominican Republic. The bold VegaFina Nicaragua is a Nicaraguan puro and features a Habana 2000 wrapper. Adventurous aficionados love the medium to full-bodied strength of the VegaFina Fortaleza 2 line which features Dominican filler tobacco in a dark Mexican wrapper leaf.
The VegaFina cigars are hecho a mano, which means they are handmade. Tabacalera de Garcia, the largest handmade cigar manufacturer in the world, crafts these cigars in the Dominican Republic. Tabacalera de Garcia is also a member of an elite community of cigar manufacturers known as the Pro Cigar Association of Dominican Cigar Manufacturers.
Connoisseurs who prefer to enjoy a cigar everyday rave about the quality and low price of VegaFina cigars. VegaFina cigars are also well-liked among aficionados who prioritize quality when picking their cigars. Cigar Aficionado has given VegaFina Fortaleza 2 a 91 rating.
VegaFina has captured the hearts of aficionados across the globe by offering the best of both worlds with their affordability and excellence. For those looking for their next humidor upgrade, pick up a box of VegaFina cigars from Mike’s Cigars.


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