Yagua Cigars utilize a delectable blend combined with an old-school Cuban wrapping technique in their creation to craft truly one-of-a-kind cigars. While other cigar makers use a mold to give their stogies the distinctive cylindrical shape, Yagua cigars are immediately banded and tightly packed into a royal palm leaf. the process was designed by JC Newman factor manager Lazaro Lopez, whose own grandfather used to bundle cigars the same way in Cuba. After aging the cigars for a full year in the Royal Palm Leaf, Yagua cigars are shipped still tightly packed in the leaf so the journey itself helps shape the stick. The result is that no two cigars in a bundle are the same, giving each one a unique draw from the particular shape. Yagua Cigars are built from a sumptuous blend of Nicaraguan tobacco and rolled into a Connecticut broadleaf wrapper for a smooth experience. Each bundle contains twenty cigars, each one a six-inch by fifty-four ring gauge Toro.


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