Acid Plush



LENGTH: 5 1/2

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Acid Cigars are a unique brand introduced in 1999 and offers a wonderful, herbal, aromatic flavor. Acid cigars use premium tobaccos, botanicals, herbs and essential oils in their secret floral formula to give smokers their best smoking experience. Acid cigars come in strengths from medium to medium-full to full and many have an uncut foot. All of this makes Acid cigars a unique experience in today’s market of flavored cigars. This shooting star of a brand is only 9 year old and already became a common name among cigar lovers. This quick ascent through the market ladder is mostly attributed to the creative minds behind Drew Cigars who designed a combination of quality and….One package. A medium-body cigar it comes in Connecticut, Maduro, Sumatra and Cameroon variety wrappers according to the frontmark you choose. Choice Nicaraguan, Mexican and Indonesian tobaccos are selected for the binder and filler to complete a unique cigar.
Hand-made at the Drew Estate’s Estelí, Nicaragua factory, ACID cigars are rolled with carefully selected tobaccos from all over the world. But unlike any other premium cigars, ACID cigars go through a special and secret process. The Drew Estate’s secret infusion process takes each ACID cigar and infused it with botanicals herbs and essential oils in a unique floral formula to give smokers their best smoking experience. The Drew Estate Company was established in 1998 by Jonathan Drew. With limited capital, he employed a handful of cigar rollers in Estelí, Nicaragua. His partner and co-founder Marvin Samel was taking care of operations from a warehouse office in Brooklyn. The office was on Jay Street, and shared by Scott ACID Chester. Scott’s brought with him the famous ACID attitude with a mix of industrial, urban, graffiti, and motorcycle art, providing an ideal marketing tool for ACID Cigars. This youthful sub-cultural aesthetic has become a dominant aspect of Drew Estate’s marketing message and corporate culture.
ACID cigars never fail to take you to your limits. They’re simply outrageous. But whether you like them or not, you have to hand it to Drew Estate – the ACID brand is always in great demand. Nobody could even come close to the one-of-a-kind blends, aromas and shapes each ACID cigar provides. The tobaccos are cured in special rooms called cuarto aromaticos (the aroma rooms) for months prior to rolling – these rooms are lined with over 150 different essential herbs, oils and botanicals imbued into the cigars over time. Handmade in Nicaragua with all natural ingredients, each ACID cigar size offers a distinct flavor and aroma.

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