Alec Bradley Fine And Rare HJ10-i 2016



RING SIZE: 52-42

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The Alec Bradley Fine and Rare Collection 2016, aka HJ10-i, – A diamond in the rough.The Alec Bradley Fine and Rare tells a story that is fitting to its name, it truly is a diamond in the rough, a rare find, a once in a lifetime opportunity. Imagine a gem being forged….over years of geological change, collecting different elements throughout the eons to make a one of a kind rock that discoverers only dream about finding. Well take the same concept and apply it to the Alec Bradley Fine and Rare. The finest ingredients, the best assembly, a quality smoke. This stick will definitely be engraved into your memory once you’ve had the pleasure of lighting one up.The secret behind the Alec Bradley Fine and Rare is that which they haven’t disclosed to the general public…..the fillers. They utilize 7 unspecified tobaccos (tweaked from the original) make up the inner workings of the Fine and Rare, only the Honduran Trojes wrapper has been identified as part of the stick. This is a solidly packed cigar, with the aromas of the wrapper and giving off hints of raisin and similar dark fruits. The flavors don’t stop there, once you ignite an Alec Bradley Fine & Rare, the array of tastes and barrage that fills the palate is second to none. Impressive rich flavors of nuts, caramel, figs, and spices take over at the beginning, with earthy undertones, wood notes, and a rich creamy sensation that give off hints of butterscotch as you near the end. The stage is now set for the best smoke of your life, there is no other substitute for a premium stick like the Alec Bradley Fine and Rare. There’s a reason why it’s a rarity. So do yourself the favor and grab one before rare becomes extinct. Unlike the dinosaurs, there are no bones to recover once they’re gone. Come by Mike’s Cigars today and pick up a few before the inventory goes extinct! Better yet, for those who can’t come to our pad, hit the add-to-cart button and secure yours now to ensure prompt shipping and delivery. The Alec Bradley Fine and Rare Collection – Sometimes the rare choices bring us to the right places.

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