Alec Bradley Raices Cubanas Gordo



RING SIZE: 60-56-43

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The 1941 Raices Cubanas by Alec Bradley – The taste of Cuba in the palm of your hand.
Have you dreamed of one day going to the tobacco farms of Cuba to take in all the glory that is traditional Cuban cigars? Fancy yourself a trip to this wonderful location where the art of farming and skill have brought you some of the finest cigars the world has ever known? Well look no further than the 1941 Raices Cubanas by Alec Bradley. This masterpiece was brought together in conjunction with The Fabricas de Tabacos Raices Cubanas which is owned by Romay Endemano and family. That’s where the 1941 on the cigar comes from, it’s the year in which Mr. Endemano was born. But enough about history, let’s get to the nitty gritty of the cigar shall we?The 1941 Raices Cubanas from Alec Bradley is a handsome looking cigar straight out of the packaging. The wrapper has a wonderful chocolate, almost dark tan hue with minimal veins and seams, giving off the appearance of a tight barrel. The skin is oily and enticing with the cap being applied very tightly. This has become a signature to all of Alec Bradley’s cigars to date. The binder is an authentic Nicaraguan leaf, with the fillers comprised of a Honduran and Nicaraguan mix. The aroma is simply captivating. Sweet hay, touches of honey, and barnyard smells come right off stick. Light it up and the 1941 Raices Cubana delivers notes of pepper, grain and cereal, and a creamy aftertaste that only the true cigar aficionado can appreciate. The overall smoke is medium to full-bodied.
The cases each of these cigars come in are a beautiful cherry wood colored box. The 1941 Racies Cubana logo with the Alec Bradley name are painted on in gold on the top. The box itself makes a great addition to your smoking den, even without the sticks inside. But we prefer you get the sticks as well, after all, no box is complete without their signature cigars right? So make sure to pick up your box of a timeless classic like the 1941 Raices Cubana from Alec Bradley. If you can’t come to Mike’s Cigars, no need to worry, simply click add-to-cart and you’ll receive your Raices Cubanas in the mail in no time.
The 1941 Raices Cubana from Alec Bradley – a true testament to the cigars of old.

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